Personality Traits of Top Certified Nursing Assistants

As with any other profession in which interpersonal interaction is a major aspect of the daily job duties, the most successful CNAs are those with very specific personality traits. Although exceptions obviously exist regarding this list, according to the latest career poles and surveys performed by leading medical facilities, the following personality traits are vital to becoming a successful and prosperous Certified Nursing Assistant.

Top Characteristics of a Good CNA

As you embark on your journey to develop your medical career through nurse aide courses and training, you will encounter a variety of job performance metrics that directly impact the quality of patient care. The following characteristics of a successful nursing assistance have been adapted from a number of online CNA resources. These traits are essential to your job performance and success as a CNA.

Compassionate – Throughout most of your work days you may be required to be intimately involved with a wide array of physical or mental issues. A compassionate personality is able to handle delicate issues without sacrificing the integrity and pride of a patient.

Optimistic Outlook – When dealing with patients who are faced with serious illnesses or prolonged recovery periods, a drop of optimism is enough to change the entire outlook a patient may have. Since CNAs work directly with the daily life of patients, they have a unique opportunity to enhance their recovery by injecting a sense of hope and optimism even during the roughest waters.

Cooperative with Staff – While your work as a CNA is primarily around patients, you are required to deal hand-in-hand with an entire team. Whether you’re working alongside a group of registered nurses or assisting a physician during procedures or examinations, a CNA must be able to seamlessly integrate with the various demands of these situations. The most successful nursing assistants are those that understand their role and do their hardest to support, not overpower, their co-workers.

Longstanding Determination – When working a 12-hour shift and dealing with difficult patients, it’s easy to lose your determination. Keep your work quality top-notch and your patient-interactions pleasant by being determined. Focus on a primary goal throughout your shift, such as maintaining a positive attitude, and work your hardest to accomplish this goal.

Adaptability – When working in fast-paced medical environments, such as a hospital, you must become well-versed in constant change. You may go from dealing with a somewhat sick child to someone who’s on their last breath within a matter of minutes. Therefore, in order to succeed at this position, you must learn how to adapt and mold your focus based upon a present situation. If it takes you more than a few moments to change gears and provide a new situation your 100% undivided attention, then you may want to consider a slower-paced work environment, such as a walk-in clinic.