How to Work as a CNA in Day Cares

While traditional certified nursing assistant jobs revolve around healthcare facilities such as hospitals or nursing homes, this adaptable profession offers other employment opportunities. If you’re interested in working with children, or the elderly, outside of a medical facility then you may be interested in pursing CNA certification online to build towards a career in child or adult day cares. It’s important to note, working in such environments may require specialized training or certification. Check with your state’s nursing board to determine employment eligibility requirements.

Child Care Facilities

Working as a certified nursing assistant in child care facilities is not as common as one might think. Typically, a day care hires a registered nurse who specializes in children; however, CNAs may be hired to assist the primary nurse with daily duties. These positions are typically found in larger child care centers or in more affluent day care centers. The primary employer for this particular field is typically school systems. CNAs work alongside the school nurse to take vital signs and assist in other daily duties. If you’re unable to find the aforementioned positions, consider expanding your search to hospital pediatric units. Keep in mind, you may be required to undergo additional coursework and certification to practice in pediatric wards.

Adult Care Facilities

Although certified nursing assistants are commonly employed in nursing homes, if you wish to work in a different environment while still tending to the elderly then adult day care facilities may be your ideal option. CNAs in this position work under the direct supervision of the primary nurse to assist in medication delivery, vital sign monitoring and general care. Although patients are typically in better health than those in nursing homes, special training and certification may be required by your state.

Additional Training Requirements

As mentioned several times, your state’s nursing board may require further training to work in specialized facilities. In order to determine whether or not your state requires additional training and possibly specialized certification, contact the nursing board. In the meantime, navigate your web browser to the licensing division or nursing board for your state. Review the Nursing Assistant Candidate Handbook to uncover current training requirements. While reviewing this manual, you’ll also learn specifics regarding exam units and even practice questions to help prepare for the examination.

Working as a certified nursing assistant offers a host of potential career opportunities. Whether you enjoy working with children, adults or even in specialized care units, certified nursing assistants are vital to the entire medical team. Explore your CNA job opportunities to make the most out of this diverse and dynamic career.